At Garden Fields School we are very proud of our class names and logos which our own children have been involved in naming and designing. Click here for more information.



Mr Farrugia

Mr Farrugia


Miss Cole

Deputy Headteacher



Miss Palmer

Assistant Head/InCo

Miss Wood

Assistant Head

Mr Green

Business Manager

Mrs Regan

Finance Officer


Mrs Merridan

School Office Admin Manager

Mrs Dicks

School Office Communications Manager

Ms Dorman

Resources Manager / Office Support

Mrs Gilhooly

Office Support



Miss Wood

EYFS Class Teacher (Snowdrop)
Lower Phase Leader

Miss Gurney

EYFS Class Teacher (Bluebell)


Miss Course

EYFS Class Teacher (Primrose)


Mrs Howitt

EYFS Class Teacher


Miss Riordan

Year 1 Class Teacher (Beech)

Miss Lincoln

Year 1 Class Teacher (Oak)

Miss Ghosh

Year 1 Class Teacher (Willow)





Mr Randall

Year 2 Class Teacher (Pine)


Mrs Gleeson

Year 2 Class Teacher (Larch)
Middle Phase Leader




Mrs Hyland

Year 3 Class Teacher (Thames)


Miss Wray

Year 3 Class Teacher (Thames) & Music Leader


Mr Ryan

Year 3 Class Teacher (Ver)


Mrs Carrasco

Year 3 Class Teacher (Ver)




Miss Ellwood

Year 4 Class Teacher (Medway)


Mrs Huntley

Year 4 Class Teacher (Trent)



Ms Lee

Year 5 Class Teacher (Moorhen)

Miss Watson

Year 5 Class Teacher (Kestrel)




Mr Berman

Year 6 Class Teacher (Curlew)


Mrs Girdwood

Year 6 Class Teacher (Nightingale)
Upper Phase Leader






Mrs Banks

Extra Curriculum Administrator

Mr Baptiste

PE Sports Apprentice

Mr Cooper

ICT  Network Manager

Mr DeBruin

Site Manager

Mr Fryer

Assistant Site Manager

Mrs Howe

Nurture Leader

Mrs Johnson

PPA PE Teacher,  PE Leader

Mrs Kemp-Robertson

SPLD Teacher

Miss Mottram

Student Teacher (Moorhen)

Mrs Robbins

Pastoral Support Leader

Mrs Roth

Library Assistant

Mrs Silva

Forest School Assistant/SEN Support/Senior Lunchtime Support



Mrs Welton

EYFS & KS1 Support Staff Manager

Mrs Duffy

KS2 Support Staff Manager

Mrs Ashby

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Bibi

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Chakma

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Day

Teaching Assistant

Ms Elledge

Teaching Assistant


Mr Farrell

Reception Nursery Nurse

Mrs Higman

Nursery Nurse

Mrs Khambatta

TA/UKS2 French Teacher

Mrs Lancaster

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lawson

Teaching Assistant (EAL)

Mrs McCaffrey

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Milosz

Teaching Assistant

Ms Nelson

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Salisbury

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Tindall

Teaching Assistant

Ms Unitt

Teaching Assistant




Mrs Begum

Mrs Bilur

Miss Corley

Mrs Durrani

Mr Fryer

Mrs Jambulingham

Ms Khatun

Mrs McMahon

Mrs Popy

Mrs Reay

Lunchtime Nurture Support Assistant

Mrs Rharbi

Mrs Roseman

Miss Swaryczewska

Mrs Tyler

Mrs Vrahimi

Mrs Worsdale



Mrs Rossiter

Manager Cook

Miss Fane

Assistant Manager Cook

Mrs Keen

Assistant Cook

Mrs Choudhury

General Assistant

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