Mon 15Jan2018

An opportunity for your child to share their learning journal with you.

From 9:10 am until 9:45 am

Location - Classrooms

This is an informal opportunity for parents to look at their child's learning journal with their child.

Children will be registered in the morning as usual and then taken to the Lower School Hall. Parents/Carers are invited to collect their child(ren) from the hall at 9:10am and go to their classroom to look at their journal.

- please enter school through the Lower School Office entrance to collect your child from the hall
- please take your child back to the hall once you have looked at their journal with them
- school gates will still be locked at 9 am. Please leave school via the main entrance.
- we know that not every parent will be able to come - there will be other opportunities later in the year!
- the aim is for you to spend quality time with your child. We understand that some parents will have no choice but to bring younger siblings, however they must stay with you at all times as the classrooms will have been prepared for learning and are not suitable for younger siblings to play in. 
- buggies must be left outside


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