Fri 15Jun2018

An opportunity for your child to purchase a card and small gift. This event takes place during the school day.

Children will be brought along to the Year 6 break-out area after lunch, a class at a time. Older siblings will be able to go and collect younger siblings to choose a gift together.

Gifts are priced between £2-£5 and hand-made cards are £1. There is no limit on gifts you can purchase.
If your child(ren) would like to purchase a gift and card for Dad, Step-Dad, Grandad, Uncle, Godfather or any other special person in their's what you need to do!

  • place cash in a sealed envelope
  • write clearly on the front: child's name / their class / name(s) & class(es) of silbings (they have the option of going to the sale along with their siblings and kids don't always remember the class they're in - and sometimes even their siblings' names! I kid you not).
  • make sure they hand their envelope to their class teacher first thing on Friday for safe keeping
  • no peeking in bags after school!

Unfortunately, neither teachers nor the office hold petty cash for this purpose. If you are doing something else for Fathers' Day, I would ask that you explain that to your child in advance. They are fine - as long as they know what's happening.

Year 4 Phasel's Wood Trip. We will hold some items in reserve so children on the trip can come and choose gifts on their return to school at around 4pm. Those Year 4's not on the trip will come along as normal during school with the others.

Please address any queries to: Thanks as always for your support!

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