Tue 27Mar2018
Fri 04May2018

27 April 2018 - Deadline extended to 4 May!

We're delighted to introduce our new initiative: 'SILVER SMARTIES'! 

Your child will bring home a tube of Smarties - DON'T throw away the empty Smarties tube! We'd like to encourage the children to do some jobs in return for a bit of 'pocket money' paid in 20p's. The idea is to fill the empty tube with 20 pence coins (i.e. Silver Smarties) received for completing these chores and return to their class teacher once it is filled (by 26th April). I believe the tubes also hold £1 coins nicely but I'll leave it to the kids to hone their negotiation skills on that one!

You could agree tasks for them to do at home and they could also ask other family members, friends or neighbours if they need help with anything. They can be creative! Who knows, the incentive may even alleviate some 'I'm bored!' moments over Easter!

Do follow our 'event' via school's FB page - feel free to post photos of the children in action or share ideas to get involved! https://www.facebook.com/events/415321725583010

The irony of healthy 'Wellbeing Week' being followed by a cake sale and now Smarties isn't lost on us! Just how dates worked out. We obviously fully support having a balanced and nutritious diet - but hopefully this can be seen as a one-off treat!

Please direct any queries to pta@gardenfield.herts.sch.uk. Good luck and thank you for always being so willing to support our ideas!

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