At Garden Fields our children are valued as individuals. Pastoral care supports the general wellbeing of children helping them to become emotionally and mentally resilient. We have been looking at better ways to support both you and your children. We are aware that it is sometimes difficult to find an appropriate or convenient time to talk these issues through with the class teacher.

Mrs Robbins is our Pastoral Care Leader. Please contact Mrs Robbins with any social, emotional or behavioural concerns you may have and she will ensure that these are addressed appropriately. You can make an appointment at the school office or send email:

Helpful Links

Coping with Crisis – the grieving process; guidance for parents

Coping with Crisis – understanding feelings for older children when someone we know dies

Coping with Crisis – understanding feelings for younger children when someone we know dies

Nurture Groups

Our nurture room is called the Butterfly Room and we have a dedicated nurture group leader, Mrs Howe. The Nurture sessions are run by two adults with whom the children develop close relationships. It is a small, discrete class of 8 – 10 children.

Nurture staff model positive relationships and there is an emphasis on the development of language and communication skills and a focus on social, emotional and challenging behaviour. Children come to the group for a variety of reasons but all have one thing in common; they find it difficult to perform to their full potential within their classroom. In the Butterfly Room the children receive extra support so that they become more confident within themselves and are able to achieve more in all aspects of their learning and develop valuable life skills.

The content of a Nurture afternoon is structured and predictable.

All children have their individual targets to work towards and these have been discussed and agreed with the class teacher.

The Nurture group is fully integrated with the rest of the school. We follow the school Behaviour Policy and keep in close contact with the children’s class teacher. Observations are made of the children in the classroom and playground. There are termly meetings with the class teacher and Inco to discuss the progress of the children.

We are always pleased to talk to parents and share with you the progress your child is making.   We welcome visits to the Butterfly Room by prior arrangement or parents evening. We are working in partnership to serve the true interests of the children.

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