Below is a list of Policy Documents. You can use the SEARCH box below to find a policy quickly and easily. If you wish to speak to a member of staff about any of the issues covered, please contact us. If you require a hard copy of any policy document, these can be requested at the school office. (All policy documents are in PDF format).

Policy NameDescription
Accessibility Statement for Pupils with Disabilities This statement outlines how we to provide the best education for every child within our care.
Access to Education for Children Unable to Attend School for Medical ReasonsThis policy outlines the provisions we have for children who are unable to attend school for medical reasons.
Adult Volunteer PolicyThis policy sets out our school’s policy, which is to ensure that the children benefit from as much help and support as possible, and are provided at the same time with the best possible security.
Anti-bullying Policy This document explains how our anti-bullying policy plays an important role in our commitment in providing a safe, positive, valuing and inclusive environment for pupils, staff and parents/carers. We also have the Anti-bullying Parent Leaflet .
Assessment, Recording & Reporting PolicyThis policy sets out why we believe the assessing of children, and the recording and reporting of these assessments is valuable and how this is carried out.
Attendance PolicyThis policy outlines what is expected of children with regards to their attendance. Children are only given authorised absence in exceptional circumstances. Click HERE if you would like to request absence for your child. Click HERE for information about Fixed Penalty Notices.
Calculation PolicyThis policy gives parents guidance on which methods they should be using with their children at home when doing Maths with their children. The Policy is a guide from Reception to Year 6 in the four basic areas of Maths (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division). If you are unsure in any methods please contact your child's class teacher for greater guidance.
Charging Policy This policy outlines what activities (within the National Curriculum) are charged for.
Child Protection PolicyThis policy informs staff, parents, volunteers and governors about the school's responsibilities for safeguarding children. It enables everyone to have a clear understanding of how these responsibilities should be carried out.
Click HERE for the latest Department for Education statutory guidance for schools - Keeping Children Safe in Education.
Children Looked After Policy The policy outlines the ethos we adopt in attempting to meet the needs of looked after children.
Collective Worship PolicyThis policy outlines how our school fulfills the legal requirement of daily collective worship.
Communications PolicyThis policy outlines how we strive for clear and effective communications with parents and the wider community.
Complaints PolicyThis policy outlines our complaints procedure.
Creative CurriculumThis policy outlines how we use a creative curriculum to encompass all core and foundation subjects to enable us to provide a high standard of teaching and learning.
Critical Incident PolicyThis policy outlines the guidelines should a critical incident take place at GFS.
Drug Education PolicyThis policy outlines how we deal with drug education.
Early Years Education PolicyThis policy outlines the aims of the Foundation Stage and how these aims are carried out.
English as an Additional Language (EAL) PolicyThis policy aims to help ensure that we meet the full range of needs of those children who are learning English as an additional language.
Equal Opportunities PolicyThis policy outlines the aims and objectives in providing equal opportunities to staff and pupils.
eSafety PolicyThis policy outlines the aims and objectives in managing internet access for children.
Freedom of Information Publication SchemeThis policy outlines our Publication Scheme on information available under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
Health and Safety PolicyThis policy outlines our responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act and other health and safety legislation.
Home Reader PolicyThis policy outlines the benefits of reading at home and provides examples of material.
Home-School Agreement PolicyThis agreement/policy outlines the responsibilities we have as a school and you have as a parent.
Home Learning PolicyThis policy outlines the aims and objectives of home learning and the expectations at each Key Stage.
Internet PolicyThis policy outlines the rules for responsible internet use.
Lettings and Community Use PolicyGuidelines for the use of school premises, grounds and facilities outside normal school hours, by external organisations or individuals.
Medical Conditions PolicyThis policy outlines how the school ensures that the whole school environment is inclusive and favourable to pupils with medical conditions.
Medicine PolicyThis policy ensures safe and clear administration of medicines.
Mobile Phone PolicyThis policy outlines use of mobile phones in school by staff, visitors and children.
Pastoral Care PolicyOutlines how the school aims to extend pupils’ learning skills in line with their moral, social, personal and physical development.
PE PolicyThis policy provides details on the aims of PE lesson, and how lessons are planned and taught at GFS.

Playground Policy
This policy details the procedures for time spent on the school playground including staff numbers, equipment, timings, and areas considered to out of bounds.
Policy for the Publication Scheme on information available under the Freedom of Information Act 2000This policy outlines how we aim to be clear and proactive about the information we make public and how this information can be obtained.
Positive Behaviour Management PolicyThis policy outlines the Golden Rules and how these are used to encourage positive behaviour.
Privacy NoticeStatutory notice about information kept at school about your child and how it is used.
PSHCE & Citizenship PolicyThis policy explains how we at Garden Fields School aim to develop children’s spiritual, moral and cultural development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life through PSHCE.

Public Sector Equality Information and Objectives
This document outlines the aims of the public sector equality duty.
Pupil Premium Strategy PolicyThis policy outlines how we at Garden Fields ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all of the pupils.
Refunds for Educational Visits Policy This policy outlines when and how refunds are offered for educational visits.
SEN (Special Educational Needs) Policy This policy explains how Garden Fields School is implementing the SEN Code of Practice 2002 and takes fully into account the SEN and Disability Act 2001.
Sex and Relationship Education PolicyThis policy outlines how sex and relationship education is taught at the school.
Single Equality Scheme This policy outlines our duty and responsibility to establish equality for all pupils, staff, and other members of the school community regardless of their ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or beliefs as defined within existing equalities legislation.
Teaching and Learning PolicyThis policy outlines the teaching styles of teachers and the learning experiences of the children.
Visitors Code of Conduct Policy This policy provides guidance to all visitors to our school.
Whistle blowing Procedure for Schools
This policy aims to support the reporting of illegal or improper conduct or concerns about safeguarding children.

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