My Child is Unwell – What Should I Do?

It can be difficult to know what to do when your child becomes unwell. We have developed a quick reference guide for parents, carers and staff – HERE.

Unsure if your child is displaying symptoms – click HERE for latest NHS advice

Advice on self-isolation- click HERE for advice in Hertfordshire (new 16 November 2020)

Advice on treating coronavirus symptoms – click HERE for latest NHS advice

Some families may find theses graphics (BBC) useful – HERE

Please inform us – we will follow the appropriate government advice at the time.



The information here applies to the whole school.


We look forward to welcoming children on Thursday 3rd September 2020 when we will be reopening fulling in-line with the lastest government guidance and complete Covid-19 risk assessment. We aim to make the necessary changes whilst minimising the impact on routines and maximising the learning opportunities for all our children.

Parents of children joining EYFS should follow the planned induction arrangements –

We recognise that, whatever we must put in place, may have an impact on our children’s families, and we have consciously tried to consider them in these decisions.  Things cannot be as they once were and we must be very clear regarding our expectations of the children, their families and ourselves.



Copies of letters sent home regarding school arrangements will be archived here.

Letter 9 – 20th November 2020
Letter 8 – 13th November 2020
Letter 7 – 6th November 2020 – letter
Harvest Festival – donation information
Menu change – 6th October 2020 – letter
Letter 6 – 16th October 2020 – weekly update from Mr Farrugia
Extra Curricular Sport – 6th October 2020 – letter for children participating in football and netball clubs
Letter 5 – 25th September 2020 – weekly update from Mr Farrugia
Public Health – 25th September 2020 – Letter from Director of Public Health
Letter 4
– 18th September – weekly update from Mr Farrugia
Letter 3 – 11th September 2020 – weekly update from Mr Farrugia
Year 3 – 11th September 2020 – amendment to drop off / pick up arrangements for children in Year 3 only
Public Health – 9th September 2020 – Letter from Director of Public Health
– 8th September 2020 – updates for EYFS, Years 1-2
Letter 2
– 4th September 2020 – includes amended arrangements to entry and exit guidance
Letter 1 – 26th August 2020 – September return guidance

We have updated the drop off and pick up areas for children – MAP. This is to support social distancing between children and families to avoid bottle necks at key entrances / exits. Please help us by helping eachother.
Update 4th Septenber 2020 – Letter 2
Update 11th September 2020 – Amendment to Y3 arrangements

All staff, parents and children will enter school via the Townsend Drive entrance and leave via the Batchwood Drive entrance (bottom of field). Please allow for additional time for your journey to/from school to accommodate this. If you have driven to school you will still need to follow the one-way system to collect your car.

Please do not gather in or around the school site. Thank you.

Please arrive promptly with your child. If possible we would ask that only one adult brings or collects their child. Adults must remain socially distanced whilst on school premises.

There can be no games or mixing before school. NO child, of any age, should touch or play on the playground equipment on any playground.

The cycle sheds and scooter park will be open.

All children should bring a NAMED water bottle to school with them every day. 

It is essential that any snacks / packed lunches do not contain any nuts. This is to protect children and staff with severe allergies.


Update 16th October 2020 – the menu will change for ALL children after half term – 2 November 2020 – HERE

Parents have pre-ordered milk.

EYFS, Years 1-2 – the govement continue to provide a piece of fruit/vegetable daily

KS2 – The KS2 voucher scheme will not be running for the foreseable future. Please provide your child with a suitable snack for break time, preferably a piece of fruit or vegetable.

Uniform expectations remain as usual.

Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing for the weather. Please don’t forget sun hats and apply sun screen for warmer days.

As we will be utilising the outdoor space even more than usual, please ensure that the children are always equipped with suitable outdoor clothing such as waterproof coat and sensible shoes.  PE kits should include something warm for autumn and winter weather.



At Garden Fields we will be working in year group bubbles.

Each year group will be assigned different playgrounds.

There will be no assemblies except by video.

If your child requires medication in school for a medical condition e.g. asthma, EPIPEN then please ensure that this comes in with your child, in a labelled clear bag/container and is handed to the adult collecting your child from the playground on the first day of school. 

Children in Y6, who are travelling by themselves to school, should hand their medication to the teacher on arrival. 

The usual arrangements will apply if your child becomes unwell. We will contact you to ask for them to be collected as soon as possible. Please ensure that all contact details are up to date. Thank you.


Reminders of what to bring….

Water bottle – NAMED PLEASE – it will go home with your child
Pencil case (if possible) – NAMED PLEASE – pens, pencils, glue, child’s scissors, ruler etc. This will remain in school. We will provide equipment for any child who does not have a pencil case.
Snack – preferably piece of fruit/vegetable (This only applies to children in EYFS, Y1 and Y2 until Tuesday 8th September when the government scheme commences.)
Lunch – packed lunch if not ordering a school lunch
Updated 8th September 2020 – PE kit – will remain in school lockers for children in Years 2-6. Children in EYFS and Year 1 should come to school in their PE kit for their PE days. 

We are sorry but no parents will be permitted to come into school. The school office will be open, however we would ask that only one adult is in the lobby at anyone time. Please keep to social distancing rules when waiting outside. Where possible please call 01727 890440 or email the office team rather than coming in.

Please do everything you can to avoid the need for your child to be collected during the school day.  





Q1. Someone in our house has possible Covid-19 symptoms what should I do?

Please do not come to school if your child is presenting symptoms – ring and let us know and follow the guidance below.

Unsure if your child is displaying symptoms – click HERE for latest NHS advice

Advice on self-isolation and treating coronavirus symptoms – click HERE for latest NHS advice

Some families may find theses graphics (BBC) useful – HERE

Please inform us – we will follow the appropriate government advice at the time.


Q2. Is my child allowed to wear a mask to school?

Children can wear a face mask to school if you/they wish. Please consider though their age and ability to wear it all day – covering nose and mouth. If a child is not wearing their mask appropriately they will be asked to remove it.

The government advice is being regularly reviewed and we will update parents should the advice change.

Q3. Will staff be wearing PPE?

Some staff will be wearing PPE. This will be because:

– their role requires 1:1 contact with a child
– their role involves intimate care e.g. changing nappies

Q4. Will you be taking temperatures on arrival to school?

No. We have new electronic thermometers in school. They will be used if we believe a child is unwell. Please respect any decision to send a child home – we have everyones best interests at heart.

Q5. I am a volunteer and would like to help the school if I can. Can I come in?

We are always grateful to our volunteer body for their support for the school. At the moment we have to restrict the number of adults on site and limit contact within bubbles so are unable to to have volunteers. We will let you know once we are able.

It is for this reason that we have to ask that no parent attempts to access the school building. We would ask you to respect this. The school office will be open but please only one person in the lobby at any one time. Please maintain social distancing protocols whilst waiting outside. If possible please call the office rather than visiting. Thank you.



Q7. Will you be reviewing the soft start arrangements for children in Year 1?

In previous years children in Years 1-6 have been able to access classrooms from 8:40am. Parents of children in EYFS wait with their child(ren) on the infant playground to meet their teachers at 8:50am.

This year children in Year 1 will also start at 8:50am to support them with their tranisition to KS1.  

Update 4th September 2020 – soft start for children in Y1 will start on Monday 7th September. Children in Oak Class can be dropped off at the classroom door. Children in Willow and Beech classes will enter via the entrance to the lower school (the entrance they have been using this week.)


Q7. My child is nervous about coming to school. What can we do?

Please be mindful that younger children may be hesitant at first but that we may be unable to physically help – please be prepared for this and if this is the case, then treat it as a familiarisation session, take your child home and then try again the next day. Use as much positive language as you can. Hopefully most children will be very excited about coming back, but we just think that you should be mindful that there may be some first day nerves.

The Gruffalo – suitable for our younger pupils – rhyming messages about being safe

Coronavirus – A book for Children

While We Can’t Hug – a story for children to understand that they can’t touch but can still show they care

Q8. It is my child's birthday. Can they bring in a treat for their class mates?

Whilst we understand that many children like to give their peers a small gift when it is their birthday unfortunately we are unable to facilitate this at the moment. Instead parents may prefer to give the classroom a gift, a book perhaps for the class to share. 


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